a black and white drawing of a volcano.

The pain body is similar to the body, but its geography is different, its scale. The pain places are large, loud. The pain feet (when they burn, when they ache, when they try to run away to someplace painless) are bigger, take up too much space and start somewhere below…

“I saw Cottonball the other day,” you laugh a little and this is not how I want this to go, but I don’t know her real name and I don’t know how to change this thing we started years ago.

“Really? What was she doing? Trying to kill you?” …

I dreamed I was on a spaceship powered by a virtual black hole. Its/our speed was sometimes (but never and always quite) the speed of light because the ship (plus me and me and you) was hurtling into the singularity that may or may not have exist(ed) in front of…

What would a pain language look like? Sound like? Written, I imagine on the body and the sheets, clothes and pillows in shit and blood. Projected like movies. A stuttering, irritated series of marks with an almost rhythm (always almost). For neuropathy it would be etched on shoes and socks…

It was the year the Pearl River flooded the trailer park where we lived. The worms were driven up out of the ground rising to the water’s surface in writhing bubblegum pink bodies. Creeping up in ways you wouldn’t expect, the water covered over the things low enough and circled…

Decoherence, Moorer. acrylic and charcoal on paper.

This is what really happened.

They weren’t hippies, they were monkeys. I went downstairs to get a soda and they were attacking the vending machines. It was around two in the morning and the dorm was so quiet, like another place completely, an abandoned place full of emptiness and silence…

A million years ago, I started doing a 5 things blog post daily based on Ashley Ford’s, which I adored.

This Is Us

I work so the medical industry will prescribe something so that I can do more work

Pain organ — MAS, graphite, paper, multimedia

“for what is quite literally at stake in the body in pain is the making and unmaking of the world.” (Scarry, 23)

Above is one of several sketches I made during a particularly bad flare-up. Delirious with pain and exhaustion, I decided that there must be a pain organ somewhere…

The awesome folks at matchbook not only published my flash piece, Good Girl, but nominated it for a Pushcart and a Best of the year.

The lovely folks at Longleaf Review published my CNF flash piece, maybe even the sea.

Death Rattle, my novella about a woman who is entered in a contest to be in a Kelly Link Story and wins, is featured on Medium. There are ‘zombies’ and smart phones and the end of the world.

My flash/poetry piece, when your body (is like my body) is also featured on Medium

some of the books I read and loved last year (to be updated because I know I’ll remember more)in no particular order:

The Undying by Anne Boyer

Trick Mirror: Reflections on Self-Delusion By Jia Tolentino

Mouthful of Birds By Samanta Schweblin

Negroland by Margo Jefferson

The Priory of the Orange…

M. B. Moorer

Work published at Tin House, Electric Lit, Hobart, The Offing, Future Fire, The Toast. I research for Roxane Gay. | melissamoorer.com

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